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Testimonials for the Farmhouse B&B at Kerivoa
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"A real home from home - thank you so much for everything.  I shall recommend you whenever I can" Ms Jones, September 2010
"Our sincere thanks and appreciation for making Alex and Pete so welcome.  They loved the accommodation and said that it really did feel like a home from home.  They particularly noticed how you bent over backwards to provide what they wanted rather than expecting them to fit into what you wanted them to have.  They said that this is rarely, if ever, the case and as they do a lot of holiday travel, they speak with some authority on the subject." Mrs Amey, May 2011
“Katherine has taken the idea of a retreat and turned it into a restful, engaging and compelling time. She has a wonderfully welcoming attitude and honours those who would be just on retreat by themselves but is also open to allowing the guests to become part of the making of the place and in to how they would use it. We are creatures who seek choice and there is plenty of choice with Katherine from where you would go on a day trip (she has wonderful,extensive local knowledge) to whether you would keep totally to yourself and just use the space provided to work or contemplate the next great novel. The vibe and energy of the surroundings is inspirational and Katherine has brought that to the fore in her treatment of the land around her. There is no doubt in my mind that this place that was a gem has now become a polished and wonderous treasure that is loved by those who go there as much as by Katherine herself. One is never a client, no, not even a guest one is always a friend and so one always returns.” Leslie A Marsh, May 28, 2011
"Thank you Katherine, you are a book of knowledge - helped us loads, all was absolutely lovely - perfect for us" Mr & Mrs Ravenhill, June 2010
"Lovely welcome, refreshing change from soulless hotels, thanks so much for being so welcoming and accommodating, very good value for money" Mr & Mrs Cox. May 2010
"Wonderful, excellent accommodation, ambience and comfort - highly recommended" Mr & Mrs Amey, March 2010
"When the pace of life gets a little too much and you need somewhere to go, may I recommend you cross the Channel and head for the rural delights of the B&B at Kerivoa. Tucked away in the beautiful Brittany countryside is a welcome second to none. When I arrived, looking for a little time out and creative inspiration, I was blown away by this beautiful farmhouse that is ideally situated in the middle of the most awe-inspiring views.  As I walked into the kitchen a warm welcome awaited me...there I was standing by a glowing log fire, a couple of dogs wagging their tails at me, and Katherine (the owner of the B&B at Kerivoa) looking pleased to see me with a tray of tea and cake in her hands. (Yum!)  After eating my body weight in cake sat in-front of the fire it was time to go and see my room. Katherine led me up my own private staircase to a delightful room where I could already feel my creative juices being restored. With a big fluffy robe on the back of the door and a beautiful bed with tonnes of cushions and a gorgeous throw on top, this felt like a home away from home.  That night Katherine and I sat on the porch listening to the silence that is the beautiful Brittany countryside. I don’t think I have ever seen so many stars in the sky and our friendly chatting and wine drinking were only interrupted by the sounds of the odd animal calling out in the distance.  There is plenty to do whilst at the B&B at Kerivoa – there is a local historical site within walking distance that is a must on the list of things to do. The coast isn’t too far away either and a car drive to the stunning beaches that makes Brittany such an amazing place are easily accessible – a favourite part of my break was sitting in an almost deserted cafe by the beach eating Moulles et Frittes with the smell of sea salt wafted towards me!! I can’t recommend a trip to the B&B at Kerivoa enough. The silent nights and comfy bed led to me having some of the best night’s sleep I’ve ever had. Go and enjoy the beauty of Brittany, the tranquil setting and hospitality that I didn’t think existed anymore.  Thank you Katherine for a wonderful break – your B&B provided me with some much needed R&R – I will be back!" Jennie Gow, London
"Anyone who is visiting Brittany, will miss an absolute treat if they don't spend some time at the B&B The Write Retreat in the Hamlet of Kerivoa.  Its a short drive from Bourbriac and sits in the tranquil countryside by the rolling hills. The Old Farm House is idyllic. The comfortable en-suite rooms have been beautifully furnished, a touch of old and new. Making this your centre cannot be better as it really is the centre of Brittany and touring around could not be easier, everything is in range of a days tour. The welcome you receive is as warm as the wood burning stove and the wagging tails of the little dogs".Mr & Mrs C Salter, Lyme Regis
"What can I say, apart from how idyllic and peaceful it is there. I am a mum of 4 (2 of which are very challenging) and I also work full time so time to myself is very precious. During the February half term  I stayed at The Write Retreat and I really can not remember the last time that I felt so relaxed and at ease. The only way I can describe it is that I was so chilled out I was nearly vertical. It was the best feeling I had felt in a long while. I will most definitely be returning in the very near future with my husband in tow and can only recommend people find out for themselves what I have experienced." Claudia Roberts, Colchester
"Enjoy the peace and quiet at a beautiful farmhouse,  The B&B at Kerivoa is tucked away in the countryside that is ideally situated in the middle of Brittany. I really enjoyed the terrific views and my trips to the pink granite coast where there are miles of breathtaking views and plenty of traditional restaurants to sit in and relax.  At the B&B sitting in-front of the log fire or out on the decking looking at millions of stars in the unpolluted sky was great. Katherine (owner of the B&B) led me up my own private staircase to a delightful room, with lots of extras this felt like a home away from home.  There is plenty to do whilst at the B&B at Kerivoa, with local historical sites within walking distance, the coast and plenty of stunning beaches and harbour towns that makes Brittany such an amazing place. I recommend a trip to the B&B at Kerivoa.  The quiet setting and Katherine's hospitality was perfect. The only problem I had was running out of time and having to return to work, I will be going back. Thanks Katherine for your hospitality." Jim Cassells, London
"Serendipity led to meeting Katherine Parris at a Writing Conference in August 2008, Katherine has a place in France, Brittany to be precise. Not only does she have a place in France but she is opening her doors to writers and their families who perhaps feel the need to stop for a bit, take stock for a bit, but want to continue to have the opportunity to be writing at the same time – should they feel the urge. Katherine is the proud owner of ‘The Write Retreat’ and it does exactly what it says on the tin. On arrival we were struck by the total lack of noise. The air was easier to breathe and the pace was chaotically slow. Walking into the Narnia cupboard would be similar I think – it is an assault on the senses to experience the total lack of forward motion that is France at its most laid back. No sooner had we put the cases down than the wine began to flow and we were introduced to the family that would be ours for the duration of our stay, indeed we feel that we have become part of that growing family and are honoured to be so. There is opportunity here. So much to see and do if you wish it, from the Menhirs to the Dolmen, you are never more than two hours away from a coastline so there is ample to do for family who may not share your writing bug. Perhaps it is your wish to make a full retreat and write that opus or Oscar winning screenplay? Then the annexe is the place for you. Flexible to the extent that it is up to you whether or not you interact with the family or live in splendid isolation, the choice is always yours. The Write Retreat has to be experienced in all its wonder.  The sleepy hamlet that is Kerivoa where the night sky is as blinged up as a hip hop DJ lottery winner with stars that shine and sparkle as Mozart and the Beatles would say, like diamonds in the sky only so much brighter and so much more beautiful. Anyone who writes, has written, wants to write or is suffering from white page angst should go there. The warmth of the welcome is out classed only by the feeling of belonging that occurs as if by magic. The rapport that springs from long acquaintance has been somehow concentrated and added to the air you breathe and the water you drink there. Go to Kerivoa, get the Write Retreat and breathe deeply. You will be inspired and recharged and you will return." Leslie and Andrew Marsh, Scotland
Katherine successfully ran a workshop for writers at the Swanwick Writers School in Derbyshire where I was a member of the organising committeeEliza Jane goes
"Looking for that much-needed break? Want to stir those creative writing juices?  Or both?  Well, look no further than "The Write Retreat" at the B&B at Kerivoa in Bourbriac.  Situated in the heart of ancient Brittany, both Kerivoa and the Gites at Bolazec are sure to provide the perfect environment for teasing out your inner "Dickens," "Fleming," "Rushdie" or "Rowling."  My husband found it conducive for writing an academic paper, while at the same time providing a wonderful opportunity for me to nurture my creative side.  Both  establishments are owned and operated by Katherine Parris - a studied writer and professional writing instructor herself.  Coming to Katherine's retreat (either the beautifully restored self-let gîte or the B&B) means a warm, hearty welcome "home," and ample opportunities to find your "muse."  Whether  you're looking for contemplative walks down country roads, a jaunt to the beach, or simply the inspiration to hunker down over pen, paper or laptop - you won't be disappointed.  I highly recommend  Kerivoa and Bolazec - for a quiet, romantic get-away; a place to escape your hectic life;  or to further your writing skills" Mr & Mrs S Babcock, Canada
"A Walker's Paradise"- Tucked away in the Brittany countryside at Kerivoa is a delightful farmhouse b&b, offering warmth comfort and incredible hospitality. Katherine, the owner, ensured our stay was a memorable one, and has equipped the bedroom and ensuite bathroom to a high standard of luxury, comfort and cleanliness. After a sumptuous lazy breakfast on the terrace, the decision had to be made as to where to walk; maybe a stroll along the deserted local lanes visiting historic sights on the way? Or possibly, after a short drive, an endless meander along the superb canal walks?  Or perhaps after a 40 minute drive a walk along the wonderful golden sandy beaches with tremendous coastline views. Everywhere we went there was endless picturesque villages and towns to visit with fantastic choices of places to eat and stunning views to make you stop admire and absorb the peace and beauty of the area. After such perfect walking days, the evening warmth encouraged us outside onto the terrace to reflect and appreciate the stillness of the countryside and the stunning starry skies.  Enhanced perhaps by a glass (or two) of wine, envious of Katherine’s perfect lifestyle in rural France, it was easy to contemplate our return visit" ~Mr & Mrs J Bolton, Axminster.
The schoolhouse quietly situated on a main street, waiting expectantly for the arrival of the inspired and inspiring. The most amazingly eccentric but phenomenal restaurant bar that is Chez Ghislane’s (now Chez Stephanie) where in this the 21st Century you can have five courses and a litre bottle of good house wine for the princely sum of 13 Euros. ~ Andrew and Leslie Marsh, Scotland
Good news is that I have finished my book, circa, 400 pages and now have the major job of finding an agent, which I have been told, is the best way to go about things”. “Couldn’t sleep last night as I had all these ideas tumbling through my head.”  These [course] notes will help a lot, so the class was very beneficial for me”  ~ Pauline, BelgiumNote from Katherine: Pauline signed a 3-book deal: the 1st book is now published, the 2nd at the Publishers and she is currently writing her 3rd novel.
"To all you aspiring authors, I have recently completed my first novel which is now with a publisher and I am keeping fingers crossed that they will agree to publish it.  They first requested six chapters and after reading those, asked to see the rest of my manuscript.  I'm feeling good about it as it was no easy task completing it.  I attended a Writing Course, run by Katherine Parris in Belgium and found it a great help in every way.  Katherine is very enthusiastic and inspirational and if anyone can motivate you to start (or keep on) writing, she will.  I also think it helped, on my CV, to say that I had attended this course. I would certainly recommend it to all aspiring authors.  Best of luck with it". Pauline Lawless, Belgium
"Thanks for your [course notes] e-mail. It made my day. I got up very early this morning thinking "I need to get this assignment done before leaving the house today at 7:15”.  Well, I finished my 1st cup of coffee without writing a line. Now the dogs need to be taken out - maybe fresh air can clear my head. Whatever I will come up with, or not, thanks to your e-mail I won't worry about it.  The class is great. You put so much effort into it. Certainly, everybody appreciates it as much as I do but I imagine I will learn most. I read more diligently, take the time to look up words, think about sentences etc. Definitely, my vocabulary will improve. I really enjoy the class, and am looking forward to tomorrow.  You always make it so interesting". Irma, Belgium
"Impeccably organised and great back-up from a very professional and inspiring trainer." Anna, Belgium
"Lots of information, nicely backed up by hand-outs to keep and go back to.  Variety of content was excellent, it made me think of areas I had not considered.  I have found the classes helpful to my writing and overall rate the course, and ability and experience of the tutor as very good". Ellen,  Norway
"Katherine, is a wonderful teacher.  Her classes allow writers of all levels to express themselves in a supportive environmentI would thoroughly recommended her classes to all aspiring authors.  The classes have been helpful to my writing. I have found the ability and experience of the tutor, her hand-outs and the variety in the course all very good"Marion, Bristol.
Great Course, more than met my expectations and I have found it helpful to my writing.  The hand-outs and class notes as well as the variety in the course content were very good." Scott, USA 
"Thank you ever so much for your recent e-mail and kind and inspiring words. As usual, you made me want to come back in the fold of the writers, and had it not been for the unexpected hospitalisation of my husband and a "mystery virus" that decided to attack my old creaky bones, I would have been back. However, I am presently "out" looking for the person that spread the rumours "that every age has it's charm!!"  My friend Irma is really enjoying her class.   Thank you ever so much for all your info.  I truly enjoyed my "class" as well as meeting some new and very nice people. Your enthusiasm was catching". Eva, Belgium
"Have found the classes helpful to my writing and the course content, value for money and class hand-outs were very good.  I also thought overall the entire course was good". Kasi, Belgium
"Thanks for the positive feedback this evening. Have come home all inspired!" Alice, Belgium
Comments received on feedback forms:
"Not only have the classes been helpful to my writing, I have found the variety in the course content, value for money, availability of hand-outs and class notes as well as the ability and experience of the tutor as top marks.  over all, I would rate the course as very good". 
 "I have found the sessions very enjoyable, and the classes have not only been helpful to my writing but have helped organise my thinking.  The variety in the course content and the class notes and hand-outs are very good." .
"I have found the sessions very enjoyable, and the classes have not only been helpful to my writing but have helped organise my thinking.  The variety in the course content and the class notes and hand-outs are very good." .
"I have found the sessions very enjoyable, and the classes have not only been helpful to my writing but have helped organise my thinking.  The variety in the course content and the class notes and hand-outs are very good." 
"I have thoroughly enjoyed the various writing sessions and , the value for money, availability of hand-outs and class notes as well as Katherine’s experience and ability as a tutor are all very good. Overall I would give the course the highest marks."
 "I have found the classes hugely helpful to my writing". 
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